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Successful branding induces purchase but meaningful engagement inspires loyalty.

Our commitment to constantly explore innovative solutions that can better connect brands to their audiences and create deeper brand engagement to inspire purchase is what differentiates us from competitors. We are able to deliver experiential campaigns with strong impact and measurable results by leveraging an end-to-end integrated and data driven approach that clearly defines the brand purpose and produces commercially viable outcomes

Our History

Indolima is a reputed below-the-line, integrated marketing and communications agency that has spent over two decades combining creativity and strategy to springboard brands across start-ups and established companies, products and services, online and offline media.

With our vision to always do more and be different

With our vision to always do more and be different, Indonesia Lima believes that every client is a high-flying leader in their expertise. We dare to be different by always giving a unique and different strategy that will help clients to stand up tall at the top.

Always Reborn

Realize that it`s never too late 

Think Global Act Global

We are ready do holistic services 

Diamond Value

We have earned the trust of our clients largely because of our belief structure and service offerings that ensure profitable growth for our clients by capturing the heart, minds, and attention of 21st century audiences.

The Team

Our talented and driven tribe of makers and doers work cohesively to bring your stories to life. Though our skills are diverse, we converge to deliver a singular commitment – design experiences that elevate your brand.

Tito Kadaryanto

President Director

Rayes Anom


Miko Hendra

Head Of Compliance

King Vidor

Head of HR Group

Ksatria IndoLima

Our core values lay the foundation for us to successfully spearhead initiatives that build meaningful, memorable connections between our clients and their most important audiences.


The spate of awards and accolades we have received over the years testifies to our commitment of overcoming challenges, delivering creative solutions and achieving exceptional results so people can see, touch, and try your brand in a way that will engage, provoke, and inspire.

Cakram Award 2004
Cakram Award
SWA & MIX Magazine 2007
SWA & MIX Magazine
Agency Of The Year 2010
Agency Of The Year
Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) 2013
Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA)
Asia Corporate Excellence & Sustainability Awards 2016
ACES Award 2016
Cakram Award 2003
Cakram Award
Our Client

We have a proven track record of building significant, long term relationships with clients, affording us invaluable expertise on knowledge about industry best practices. Here are some of the brands whose ideas we have turned to reality.